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    The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: Can Naruto use Rasengan with one hand now? Naruto use Rasengan all the time. Even if he can't do it one hand so? it doesn't really mean anything.
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    Chapter 365 Discussion [Naruto]

    Well, probably because Kiba didn't know how's Itachi smells like lol.
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    // One Piece Manga Ch465 Pg17 \\ *Coloring*

    Awesome coloring. Lol Usopp's mouth.
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    // Naruto Manga Ch365 Pg16 \\ *Coloring*

    Awesome coloring. especially his Sharingan.
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    Kisame May Be Dead

    Re: Kisame may be rip. Kisame dying like that is terrible. He isn't dead yet.
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    Chapter 365 Discussion [Naruto]

    Lol. Sasuke now got a fast healing ability.
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    Who's Your Favorite Female Character?

    Robin. i like her personality.
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    Konan Mega-Convo

    Re: Who is the Blue Haired Akatsuki (329 spoilers) ^ lol. Well i think she's just another Akatsuki.
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    Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: I hope kyubi gives Naruto the ability to copy Bloodlines so that he can get Sharingon lol. That will be a fucked up story.
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    Discussion Strongest character in One Piece?

    Re: Who's the most strongest guy in op ? Probably Dragon. But its hard to decide seeing that all of this is still just an assumption
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    Discussion Strongest character in One Piece?

    Re: Whitebeard Strongest in the World? He still the strongest man in the world. But of course his health issues may affect him sometimes.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 48 (ch460-470) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 464 Discussion Lol. Absalom got pwned. I hope more of him but i guess thats all he got. :/
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    The most surprising moments in One Piece

    Chibi Luffy lol.
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    Other If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    Probably turned into lightning. Hehe.
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    How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    Re: How did u come across MANGAHELPERS!?!?!?!? Google lol.