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  1. The Yondaime Mega Convo

    I'm not trying to deny a relationship, I definitely think they're related. I just disagree on the father son relationship. That's too related to me for someone not to have said it outloud by now.
  2. Favorites What's your favorite Naruto pairing?

    I was a supporter of Naruto and Hinata in the first part and couldn't stand Sakura. With that said I think since 2nd part has been going Naruto and Sakura is the way to go. Naruto is like Shikamaru in that he needs a strong woman to kick his ass sometimes and keep him in line. Hinata is too soft...
  3. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] In regards to Naruto having a bloodline limit, I would be very disappointed if this turned out to be so. As has been stated before his central theme is -NOT- having one but being the hardworker. I'd much rather see Naruto develop a new bloodline limit for a new line...
  4. Heaven's Storm (Naruto fanfic)

    Been really bored today so started writing this. I'll probably edit posts as time goes on to fix grammar and what not. This is part one, if people like it I'll keep working on more. If not...well I'll probably still finish it for myself so who cares =p Hinata, Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru are...
  5. The Official Naruto Thread

    Sign me up as a fan of the under rated Naruto. Above and beyond my favorite character in the series. I just love the way Kishimoto has displayed Naruto as an artist. His way of thinking is so genuine to me as an animations major because I know myself and everyone I was at school with think like...
  6. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] I really like this and hope to see it come true as well. I'd add Shikamaru to the jounin promotion list as well though; afterall he did take out Hidan and has always been the quasi leader of the new generation on missions.
  7. The Yondaime Mega Convo

    I just have a hard time seeing Yondaime as Naruto's father because someone would have known. The 3rd at the least would have known and would have told Naruto at some point. I definitely think they're related but not father son, I'd say more likely is uncle and nephew.
  8. What-If What if Naruto went to Gai for training?

    I'd love to see a few chapters of Naruto just making tons of clones and spending a month or so with every jounin in the city then *poof* instant super ninja !
  9. What Rank are Naruto and Sasuke Right Now?

    Re: The Chuunin Exam!!!!!!! There wouldn't be a point IMO in having Naruto go through the chuunin exam again. It wouldn't exactly be fair to the other gennin who'd have to fight him heh. I'd rather see him get a promotion to specialtiy jounin from Tsunade
  10. The Official Uchiha Sasuke Thread

    Re: Is Sasuke going back To Konoha or not? I think Sasuke will come back eventually. I think he'll eventually get his fight with Itachi but Itachi will come out on top. Luckily for Sasuke he went for Itachi while Itachi was on the way for Naruto and Naruto will choose to save Sasuke and take...
  11. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] I think the cursed seal will still be Sasuke's checkmate in this match. He'll give it a good try, and he'll probably show he is more powerful than Orochimaru, but not yet smarter sadly. Orochimaru will play along just long enough to learn everything that Sasuke has...