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    I need ideas

    Chill up, it's not uncommon for artists and story writers to work together and each do their own part. Like with Death Note manga, for example.

    Help Wanted What do you think?! Practice Page

    The top of the head is way off where it should be by looking where the face is at, and also too small compared to the upper part of the face, arm and palm connection is fatter than arm itself which also is off any proportions, and the torso looks as if it's been knit together from potatoes. I...

    Chapter Bleach 354 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 354 Spoiler Discussion Thread YOU ARE TRYING TO SEE THE LOGIC AT A PLOTHOLE. Bleach is full of plotholes. Even literally - remember how Kubo Tite changes where Ulquiorra's hole was!?? I think he simply intended this to be 1-10 at first and then thought nobody would notice if...

    Chapter Bleach 351 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 351 Discussion/352 Predictions Thread I don't think he killed Ulquiorra.

    Chapter Bleach 346 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 346 Discussion / 347 Prediction Thread I guess you didn't feel the slight touch of sarcasm in his post... -_-;

    Chapter Bleach 340 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 340 Discussion/341 Prediction Thread Um, actually until some point the power levels were clear and distinguished like in Dragonball Z, and did develop the same way for a while. However what's happening now is just a messed up chart, characters seem to get weaker/stronger than...

    Chapter Bleach 320 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 320 Discussion/321 Predictions I just want to say the obvious, but... it seems that Kubo Tite really has ran out of ideas and this seems like an essay to tie up all the loose ends in one overly predictable fight where each character will be paired up with his/her "Hollow" opposite...

    Chapter Bleach 310 Discussions

    Re: Bleach 310 Predictions I really think that at least in one battle, it should end differently... Otherwise it will be just as much as an "original" storyline as the three Privadron Espada fights where it was way over clear about who will win. Nnoitra, unlike other Espada antagonists, has...

    Seinen Tokyo Akazukin by Tamaoki Benkyo

    Re: Akazukin The author of the Tokyo Akazukin, 玉置勉強 (Tamaoki Benkyo), is teh same guy who wrote Blood: the Last Vampire, which had an OVA and the more commonly known anime series "Blood+" based on it. Also somebody might have heard of his first manga, "Sex Philes". Seems to me that after...

    Seinen The Enigma of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito

    Re: The Enigma of Amigara Fault °Wow. Such a good idea for a horror movie. I wonder what do Japanese people do to have such a twisted mind :D

    Chapter Bleach -15 "Death in the Ice Field" Discussion

    Re: Bleach 304 Spoiler Discussion Um... actually the page is made to put them there when they appear. To not allow any derivations from the rules about spoiling ppl that don't want to be spoiled. That's why they're not here yet. Dunno about you, but it seemed pretty clear to me.

    Chapter Bleach 298 Discussion

    Yaay!! I SAID Byakuya would arrive for his sis! How over-predictable!! It's also quite logical that zaeruapollo gets another crazy medic-type guy as an opponent, however I didn't quite know what could ever come for Chad. One thing I was surprised about is that LeRoux is only espada 7 (he...

    Chapter Bleach 298 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 298 Predictions Oh my god, I simply can't believe your predictions are so complicated. It's Bleach. Zaraki fights Tesla&Noitora, probably revealing new tech, etc., and Rukia needs help so most probably Byakuya will arrive to stop the .. erm, afro-arrancar guy, which probably...

    Info The Deviant Art Thread

    Re: Deviant Art Thread :darn