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  1. Theory The Elf souls and rebirth

    With is a agree that could be the case. I was thinking that we have to acknowledge that licht was marrying a royal, i believe that the bride was pregnant with twins. When William got possessed also did Acier while she was pregnant with Noelle. I think that Acier couldn't handle the...
  2. Character The Asta Thread

    Talking about Asta you need to talk about Yuno. I think that the necklace is a seal of some kind and with it broken asta will have two grimiors or merging into the five clover grimore and renews the cover. The importance of the necklace is key to understand these two. If Asta is going to develop...
  3. Chapter Bleach 581 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 581 Spoiler Discussion have to read translation, but i think that the last chapters cliffhanger should of been in the middle of the chapter with this chapters cliffhanger. now prediction for next week will see the true shiki ability :D. kubo dont screw that up.
  4. Chapter Bleach Chapter 580 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 580 Spoiler Discussion what a surprise a skull shaped explosion in the sky (not). now that ichigo is down the girls get mopped up, to show the powers ichigo cant be effected agaisted the z power because hes a quincy. so she is useless, glutton will be usless unless she has a secondly...
  5. Chapter Fairy Tail 382 Discussion / 383 Predictions

    does anione now what the big news is from the colour pages
  6. Theory Crazy Theories and Predictions

    Right I saw someones theroy that the ex amazon queen is luffys grandmother, (could of been true but she would reconise him). I believe that the females in the family will be identified before one piece is finished. I think that the vice admiral that got the closeline fruit could be a canidate...
  7. Chapter Bleach 577 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 577 Spoiler Discussion Based on kenpachi's did like of casting of any kind I think the ability will consume the cast. Simialr the one of the 6 path powers in naruto
  8. Chapter One Piece 744 Discussion / 745 Prediction BREAK LAST WEEK

    Re: One Piece 744 Discussion / 745 Prediction BREAK NEXT WEEK The puppet idea is good which means the don was a puppet all the time and in the palace (playing with dolls) would explain why he's not wearing a fish bowl lol
  9. Discussion Official Zeref Thread

    do you think that zeref is natsu's biological father. also that he had a relationship with marvis that resulted in natsu
  10. Chapter Fairy Tail 374 Discussion / 375 Predictions

    is it me or how zeriff talked to natsu was in the end natsu chooses to kill END. Does this mean that natus is END or a byproduct of END
  11. Chapter Bleach 570 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 570 Discussion / 571 Predictions If that's the case ichigo has the potential to be stronger (no duh) because here is a fullbringer (hollow dubbed white) a Quincy (mother) and a shinigami (idiot father). But I get the reason for ichigo having the hollow but the twins should of least...
  12. Chapter Bleach 570 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 570 Discussion / 571 Predictions I expected more to rukias bankai in panal time to show want she can do. Kubo probably left out so rukia can show ichigo I think. Hope ichigo will come some about 6 weeks ago I thought that ichigo will come back in 10 weeks so 4 weeks lets hope sooner.
  13. Chapter Bleach 563 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 563 Discussion / 564 Predictions yes but less likeible, also dont you think that James in an outside part of his power.
  14. Isshin Kurosaki General Discussion Thread

    i dont think rangiku knows that isshin is isshin yet because she was in a bad way in ss and at the battle so it could of been over looked.
  15. Chapter Bleach 549 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 549 Discussion / 550 Predictions cant wait for that to happen and the wtf moment that toushiro finds out the ichigos his son. But I want ichigo and the rest to come back, dont know if there just apear and flashback to training or see some training then jump into battle.