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    mind bending chapter 396: A review

    Here is my review for Naruto Chapter 396, I can't produce images for now. Twist #1. Kakashi was totally surprised seeing a sharingan once again. Not to mention that he knows for a fact that after the uchiha tragedy there are only 2 survivors of the clan, and Itachi just died. I wonder if...
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    Chapter 385 Discussions [Naruto]

    I agree, however we also have to take note that naruto was also with jiraya during the timeskip, they may have completely different methods of training but I think naruto still has a lot up on his sleeves but it's just about his personality that did not change that much that's why we often judge...
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    Chapter 379 Discussion [Naruto]

    I just did watch the latest naruto shipuuden episode, there danzou said "I hope that he(yamato) is not tainted with the third's cowardice, the refusal to take on confrontation, the he was tainted by the first, your grandfather." therefore danzou could be a follower of an opposition against...
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    Chapter 380 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 380 Predictions [Naruto] the obvious reason for cutting jiraya's arm is for him not to do hand seals properly so it will take harder for him to escape. I want to take out the jiraya-bunshin theory as of this moment because it's going obvious that jiraya's life will be a sacrifice to a...
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    Chapter 377 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: Naruto 377 Predictions [Naruto] It was mentioned that there were six akatsuki bodies inside that room where pain rose from before pulling up his present body. probably the 6th element is summoning as he can summon humans. ( mastery of all 6 elements). So much jutsus to expect and...
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    Chapter 376 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: Naruto 376 Predictions [Naruto] hah! that's why he call himself a god because apart from using all 5 nature manipulation that the shinobi has known, he is able to use the 6th. I strongly believe it has something to do with summoning and shapeshifting technique
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    Chapter 372 Discussion [Naruto]

    That's why oro was removed from the series, so not to spill anything about the roots of the Akatsuki. it's impossible that oro does not know pein. they are a gang and they must know themselves better than anyone alse bacause they are assinged in 2 man teams. but remember oro mentioning to...
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    Shodaime's Bijuu Control

    Re: Just a random assumption about Uchiha Madar and Shodaime hmm... I remember quite well how chiyo explained the nature of the bijuu... She said that it is quite a large mass of chakra that is being tried to control by shinobi villages to use it for power. one of the popular methods is the...
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    Chapter 373 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 373 Predictions [Naruto] Yes, kishi's style of writing is just making the villain so evil. Remember how kakashi described Zabuza way back part 1? it's as if that Zabuza is so strong but he was no match for Sharingan Kakashi. it just shows that jiraya does not underestimate his...
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    Chapter 372 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 372 Predictions [Naruto] pain probably had perfected body swithching jutsus as what he did with itachi's and kisame's chakra switching it to 2 sand jounins. but this time it's the other way around. pains concoiusness into another body and possibly his chakra was transferred too. maybe...
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    Chapter 372 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 372 Predictions [Naruto] I believe so. Next chapter explains what past jiraya, konan, and pain share. pain may have became cold hearted because of an event in his life. just like sasuke leaving even if team 7 was so nice to him. Probably shows jiraya how strong he had become. i do...
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    Chapter 371 Discussion [Naruto]

    right! I have a gut feeling that jiraya will have the same fate as his sensei. but this time since he is not yet deteriorated, it will take 2 of his students to take him down. probably it's about those 2 (pain and konan) holding grudges against minato and that they have something to do with...
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    Blank's Observations - Chapter 370

    I like it... I love it when someone looks at it in a differently nice way. You have well explained the implications of jiraya's explanation of yondi's sealing techniques used. Hope you got more u on your sleeves on the succeeding chapters as i find it more interesting. I just have one comment...
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    Pain Mega Convo

    Re: Pein and his relationship to Naruto It's still to early to relate pain to any of the characters. i will have to wait for 372 to be out before i can make a guess. i don't like wild guesses. :))
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    The Legend of the Tailed Beasts by Dyroness.

    Re: Orochi - 8tailed beast yeah as ITachi used tsukoyomi and amaterasu. susanoo may have been in reference to sasuke. but i think kishi did not pattern it to the myth as it is. so he had put a little difference on his plot