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    Chapter One Piece 563 Discussion / 564 Prediction Thread

    Last time I checked, Whitebeard was the strongest man in the world, which kinda makes him the top of the world. Edit: on the whole haki thing... i think pretty much everyone can use it... just look at the home island of hancock. it's like every single person there can use it. i just think that...
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    The Arcobaleno Discussion Thread

    Re: All the Arcobaleno tutoring the Vongola Family well if you take the colors of theire pacifiers and compare them to the colors of the elements the vangola guardians and tsuna have then i guess the order would be more like: Sky Pacifier (not known i guess) - Tsuna (Orange) Reborn - Ryohei...
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    Chapter 350 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 350 Predictions [Naruto] I hope one part of sasukes plan will be to find a cure for the CS... since Naruto stops relying on Kyuubi Sasuke should start doing the same with the CS. Anyway I would like to see Sasuke start explaining his goals to his new teammembers.
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    Naruto Hang Out Thread

    This bloodline thing Karma mentioned is quite interesting... if i got right what you wanted to say you mean the clan specific Jutsus like Kagemane in the Nara clan. But i think you kind of get it wrong... it's not like they are suited best for a certain Jutsu so they use it, they just...