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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 235 Spoilers & Discussion

    As someone who faced something similar from my dad, I agree that corporal punishment is fucked up and often abusive. But I think it's also important to understand: that Kotaro himself was dealing with severe trauma from his own mother (Nana) abandoning him and giving him to foster care, and...
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 235 Spoilers & Discussion

    I'm speaking as someone who grew up in a Korean household. My dad was similarly heavy-handed starting when I was 5, and for much less valid reasons. I still don't think it's okay, but I at least understand, and think people were jumping to conclusions without context.
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 235 Spoilers & Discussion

    I wouldn't straight up pigeonhole Shigaraki's dad as an abusive asshole. Corporeal punishment is super common in Asian culture, and Shigaraki's dad has major abandonment issues. You'll understand more when the full trans comes out. In the meantime, my quick and dirty translation of the Korean...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 940 Discussion

    I guess Oda really loves his prison mini-arcs. Can we get to the "break" part of "prison break" sometime though? At least they were actually moving somewhere during Impel Down.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 939 Discussion

    Nakama power OP
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 938 Discussion/939 Predictions

    I don't really understand why no one has talked about Otoko. I think it's pretty clear that Hiyori is Komurasaki, Oda's generic female drawing aside. Why else would Oda make Otoko and Komurasaki's relationship the exact same as Otoko and Hiyori's? It just so happens that every geisha in Wano has...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 936 Discussion / 937 Predictions

    @King Moe I don't entirely understand why you think Zoro has such a massive dropoff using 2 swords instead of 3, could you explain a bit more? Obviously santoryuu is his default and most comfortable style, but we've seen him defeat powerful opponents with 1 or 2 swords plenty of times in the...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 936 Discussion / 937 Predictions

    Wow zoro not only making an appearance, but actually fighting? What a shocking (and welcome) development!
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 928 Discussion / 929 Predictions

    I mean, a fusion between Nami and Robin would still be one of the most beautiful women in the OP universe. Makes sense that everyone is obsessed over her lol
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    Spoiler Nanatsu no Taizai Spoiler Archive

    My quick and dirty summary (doing this as a study break so I'm going really fast): the TLDR version is that this chapter is as dumb as you think, and there's literally nothing important said in the text boxes. Page 1: Elizabeth: "Ban,you're safe... so Meloidas is still in that place?" Ban...
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    Spoiler Shingeki no Kyojin Old Spoiler Archive

    Chapter's out
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 386 Discussions/387 Predictions

    His name is Terror Sandwich, get it right. ;)
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 884 Discussion / 885 Predictions

    MS translated it as "that's just Mochi!" which I think makes a lot more sense - Katakuri is calling this attack a "donut" but Luffy is pointing out that it's still just Mochi. Moment of comedy in the middle of the fight.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 859 Chapter Discussion / 860 Predictions

    I would argue that Kaido is a spoiled, alcoholic, suicidal brat who happened to be born with an indestructible body as well.
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    Chapter Nanatsu no Taizai 201 Discussion / 202 Predictions

    When is the actual chapter coming out? I'm sick of these dumb side stories.