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  1. Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: Ultimate Challenge: What is this Font? Nah, I'm pretty sure it isn't Wild Words. The elusive "VIZ" font. >_>
  2. Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Ultimate Challenge: What is this Font? Can anyone tell me the name of this font?
  3. Request Color Akatsuki Style Sasuke

    You know you want to
  4. Request Sasuke 366 Color?

    Somebody want to clean/color this Akatsuki style (red)?
  5. Chapter 367 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 367 Predictions [Naruto] Is Naruto even affected by genjutsu in his tailed forms like his yonbi form?
  6. Request Sasuke 366 Color?

    Yo. I'm new and it may be early asking for this since the raw came out like less than halfnhour ago but could someone color the Sasuke pic on page 14 when he looks straight ahead?