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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 788 Discussion / 789 Predictions

    I don't think Fujitora's gravity works on a certain object i'm pretty sure it has a radius of effect. If he was to use his gravity on the whole birdcage. Everything in Dressrosa would hit the floor. And as others have said, Fujitora can literally do nothing to Doflamingo because of his position...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    We've never seen Luffy be truly serious since his training, we're in the 3rd arc of the New World and you don't expect Luffy to beat Doflamingo at this point other than because plot? You realize that if Luffy struggles a lot with Doflamingo it will make his future wins against Admirals and...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    I thought Koala was implying that whatever is going on where she is will put Luffy in danger and she needed help, hence why Sabo changes his mind to go after hearing Luffy's in danger. I'm sure his Haki would protect him from getting stuck to Trebol and also the explosion if that is the case. I...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    So why do people think Sabo is on the way to Luffy? Because he's fire now and Trebol will supposedly go boom if Sabo goes near him? Last I checked Luffy has Red Hawk which would also act as fire to Trebol and make him go boom. It's not unreasonable for Luffy to end Trebol in one hit if this is...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    People saying Luffy shouldn't win against Doflamingo on his own. Just, no. If Luffy REALLY struggles against Doflamingo now, how are we supposed to believe that he's capable of taking down a Yonko. Doflamingo's crew are so out of shape except Pica (look at them in the flashbacks compared to now)...
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    Chapter Naruto 686 Discussion / 687 Predictions

    I was almost expecting Obito to awaken his Susano...
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    Chapter One Piece 736 Discussion/ 737 Prediction

    Vergo didn't 'whoop' Sanji lol. Sanji underestimated Vergo and broke his shin. I was also under the impression Sanji didn't even use CoA for their little scrap. After that Vergo left.
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    Chapter One Piece 735 Discussion/ 736 Prediction

    On one side I agree that Sabo should've tried to save Ace but on the other hand. Sabo is NOT a pirate. He's a revolutionary. He follows orders from Dragon. There were no revolutionaries were at the war (Well, Kuma I guess). People comparing Luffy and Sabo need to remember one thing. Luffy is a...
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    Chapter One Piece 734 Discussion/ 735 Predictions

    The way Sabo says it wasn't 'dumb luck' regarding Rebecca seeing through Hakuba's swordplay makes me think Sabo saw some hidden potential in Rebecca for a moment, that she herself can't see. Maybe due to doubt, or that she doesn't want to hurt people but I think when push comes to shove Rebecca...
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    Chapter Naruto 658 Discussion/ 659 Prediction Thread

    Isn't that double standards then? Surely since Rinnegan techs don't come out of the eyes either he could have used them without needing them? Since he attained the Rinnegan 'shortly before he died' Or is it one rule for Rinnegan and another for MS techniques. It contradicts itself
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    Chapter One Piece 686 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 686 Discussion / 687 Prediction I thought she was talking about that Zoro might not have been attacking her because she was a woman.
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    Chapter Naruto 605 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 605 Discussion / 606 Predictions ~ Don't forget to participate in Community Awards 2012 wow kishi went to town with all the blood...! I like it
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    Chapter Naruto 601 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 601 Discussion / 602 Predictions wow! the kages...that's the sort of scene I wanted from this war. Tsunade was split in half. Raikage up against the wall with blood splattered everywhere. Was Onooki's left side taken off? or was he just covered in blood (I couldn't make that out) but...
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    Chapter Naruto 600 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 600 Discussion / 601 Predictions So next to show up will be Sasuke, Orochimaru and probably Sui and Juugo. Madara showing up definitely took me by surprise. Obito being pissed off at kakashi because he so called 'let' Rin die is ridiculous. Madara has obviously been brainwashing...
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    Chapter Naruto 599 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 599 Discussion / 600 Predictions No I meant Kakashi. well both of them to be fair. but Kakashi's face on the last panel he just looks traumatized. I have to feel sorry for Obito as well though too. if you think back to a few chapters ago when he was having his identity crisis 'I'm...