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  1. Chapter Bleach 340 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 340 Spoiler Discussion OMG thats just disgusting, omg now im gonna have bad dreams omg omg not this Well ill prefer the "turning into a vaizardlike" thing version, but what would aizen acomplish with this, maybe a powerup for her dont know, but i doubt this also. Btw why...
  2. Seinen Hellsing by Hirano Kouta

    Re: Hellsing here are the subtitles guys just for you u need a player with vobsub, its for the [Q-R] HELLSING ULTIMATE OVA Vol.4 (DVD XviD 880x496 24fps AC3 5.1ch) cheers
  3. Chapter Bleach 305 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 305 Predictions I hope Szayel will be owned right in the first or second picture of this weeks manga cause it is starting to be extra boring.... I mean he has been in this arc fo so long and shown so often that i disliked him very much......please get rid of him, even if the next...
  4. The HisshouBuraiKen thread

    Good day to you Hisshou, just wanted to ask u...With which book did u start, I mean learning Japanese. Cause as u surrely know there are like billions of titles, so which one would u recommend. Thx for the answer
  5. Politics United States Presidential Election Thread

    Maybe i should have said 10:p I am not an American but I kind of know a bit about US economy through the macroeconomic s classes I took. Well I study International Relations and Diplomacy so I ve had classes from Economics thru Intenational security to I have much info but...
  6. Politics United States Presidential Election Thread

    I just read the whole thread, cause i also just found out that u made this thred GK, anyway good job, and I have a question on all of u guys [and of course also girls] what do u will be the USA in lets say 50 years [i mean everything from the economy, industry, relations between...