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  1. Artpad Art!

    i really like the beach 1 it looks so cute lol
  2. Life The Birthday Discussion Thread

    i noe im late but happy birthday!!!!
  3. Ask A Ninja!

    lol that crackhead ninja is so funny
  4. Archived The Member Picture Discussion Thread vol. 1

    Re: The Member Picture Discussion Thread lmao the younger 1
  5. Naruto Seiyuus and Voice Actors

    Re: Naruto Seiyuus i love neji's,gaara's,and sasuke's voice actors. there voices are so dark,mean,and COOL when they speak for them.
  6. Language What Languages do you know?

    spanish(i can definely speak it but read and write it a little)and english
  7. The Hard Gay Thread

    omg that ramen 1 was halarious.that reminds me of jackass the movie
  8. Archived The Member Picture Discussion Thread vol. 1

    Re: The Member Picture Discussion Thread hey im just saying but hermie u remind me of axl rose from guns n roses =)
  9. Discussion Naruto's Universe -- Most Beautiful Characters

    Re: Who's the most attractive character in Naruto to you? i like naruto,shika,garra,and neji!!!! i think these guys are so hot my god they drive me crazy!!!!!!
  10. Favorites Our Most and Least Favorite Characters - and why

    Re: Who's your favorite Naruto character? i like naruto,kakashi,and jiraiya<- for guys and sakura,hinata,and tsunade <-for the girls
  11. Naruto Mega Convo ( Spoilers )

    im just thinking but wat if asuma is tobi and is spying on akatsuki .im just thinking out loud but i doubt it
  12. Info The Deviant Art Thread

    Re: Deviant Art Thread wow really good artist theres so many !
  13. Life The Birthday Thread

    december -26-93
  14. Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread name->tiffany age->12 b-day->december 26 (reallysuks !!! sumppl can be really cheap) grade->8th( im so proud of my self) hair color->light brown eye color->brown im dominican and peruvian anda little brazilian and italian blood frum my grandma and grand pa thats me for ya
  15. Fun Thread Righty or Lefty

    right handed... i wish i could write with both and i tryed but i suck with my left.