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  1. Chapter Bleach 277 Discussion

    wow, this chapter was awesome! After reading this chapter i feel like naruto is a lame manga.
  2. Chapter 356 Discussion [Naruto]

    i think the manga has been interesting again after a streak of dissappointing chapters. Naruto still have hopes.
  3. Chapter 354 Discussion [Naruto]

    Great development of story. Seriously, i love it, and finally team 8 in action! haha
  4. Chapter 273 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 273 Predictions [Bleach] Well, my prediction: Hollowish Ichigo will appear and owned Ulquiorra! but when he is about to finish off Ulq, Aizen intervern and they will fight. And the hollowish ichigo will get owned, again. :p
  5. Chapter 352 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 352 Prediction Thread [Naruto] Well, i guess sasuke mini arc is about to end, and i predict the scene will go back to naruto and konoha next week! :p
  6. Chapter 272 Discussion [Bleach]

    wow, a great chapter with great pace. I wonder what is grimmjaw up to? Save ichigo so that he can kill him later? Because he have grudge against ichigo. But its great to wonder what might happen in the next chapter, actually thats make this manga so interesting! :p
  7. Chapter 351 Discussion [Naruto]

    hmm, a great chapter in my opinion but the lack of naruto and konoha really irritates me. Well i guessed, its time for sasuke to shine, let it be. But i hope we will see naruto and co. soon! :p
  8. Chapter 271 Discussion [Bleach]

    Hell, yeah, i can see that coming! the other guy will come out and then owned ulquiorra but just before it kill ulquiorra, ichigo will appear back. But then again that have happened before in the fight with byakuya.
  9. Chapter 350 Discussion [Naruto]

    Naruto will train with jiraiya and Tsunade? Well thats awesome!! Two sannin train a genin, and you must say that that genin must be special! I hope this is gonna happen, and naruto will finally be a great ninja. I mean naruto now is faaaar away from sasuke in terms of jutsus and power. Hoped...
  10. Chapter 351 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 351 Prediction [Naruto] Wow, thats a shocking prediction you got, juugo is a halfblood demon? If thats true its gonna be exciting!!:p and i will be happy if naruto does training again with jiraiya because when they trained in part 1(the Tsunade introduction arc), thats one of the...
  11. Chapter 351 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 351 Prediction [Naruto] well after seeing jiraiya is back i cant help thinking that they will go on a secret mission while training jutsus. nah, just my imagination, but i would be cool if naruto learned new jutsu now. FRS has been banned, remember? so he need to find another jutsu!:p
  12. Chapter 350 Discussion [Naruto]

    personally i dont like the fight either. on topic looks like jiraiya and tsunade didnt feel anything about the death of orochimaru, their old comrade. Maybe they have long lost hope for oro to come back to the good side. But it never be too late for sasuke to be on the good side again, but...
  13. Chapter 351 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 351 Prediction [Naruto] next chapter will be the fight between sasuke and juugo and jiraiya will talk with naruto about the jutsu naruto have created, the FRS, i bet he will praise naruto for that!!:p
  14. Chapter 350 Discussion [Naruto]

    yeah, its good to see jiraiya again, darn i miss him! :p and the next chapter kishi will reveal the secrets of the curse seal? This manga is heading to a right direction!! and reaction from naruto and sakura is unpredictable. i guessed they will become frenzy when they heard about the...
  15. Chapter One Piece Volume 47 (ch450-459) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 452 Predictions my prediction: more talking and little action, but it still fun though..:p hope to see gecko moria soon!