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    Books The Great Books! ( And What Are You Currently Reading? )

    eragon by christopher paolini eldest by christopher paolini eureka seven manga if it counts
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    Vizard bankai theory i was re-reading for fun and the last box sounds like it supports this theory
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    Vizard bankai theory

    i just wanna say ive been thinkin that maybe vaizards (ichigo specifically) had a release similar to bankai to where maybe their bodies changes into hollow form and they gain all hollow powers and retain all shinigami powers?
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    Favorites Your Favorite Anime

    Re: Your TOP 20 ANIMES! after looking through the entire list why is eureka seven only mentioned 4-5 times to me its better than Full metal alchemist and alot of other ones in the top 20 you all listed
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    Ichigo's Development

    Re: Why hasn't Ichigo learned Kidou or shinigami hand to hand or Hollow kidou it would be cool to see him do a cero or maybe another skill for zangetsu but not kido or hand-hand. his bankai is faster than flashsteps. i would like for him to have a 4th release but only in hollow form like let...
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    The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: What Kind of Rasengan You Would Like To See? imagine if naruto cut back on the wind chakra a little bet so it wouldn't hurt his chakra points kinda like wrap the rasengan in a ball of windchackra and have it rip through stick i t inside and have it explode like a tornado from the inside...
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    The Official Naruto Thread

    just a crazy thought but could naruto possibly the fourth reborn. i mean i got this idea when i read the tailed beast myth which the bijuus are based the kyuubi is said to have a nearly unlimited supply of chakra i think its possible that instead of the 4th dieying the foxes powers gave him a...
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    Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: Why Naruto Should Be Able To Learn The Body Flicker Technique. I dont know about body flicker but maybe something like flash steps from bleach that he can move around faster than the sharingan see and give him an advantage against sasuke itachi and kakashi and since its only increasing the...