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    The Bado-Scans Thread

    believe it or not we've been around for a while we started somewhere around december of 2006 and just haven't been really releasing much till recently. Our projects include Yamato no Hane and Smash! both of which are badminton mangas. The original members include: me, carobin, dummey, ulicquel...
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    Word Play Fun Word Game

    Round Urban Boney Bin Is So Heavy PEZYUAN
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    The Hard Gay Thread

    hahahahahahahahaha that would be a sight to see XD
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    The ThE WoRm thread

    with all the projects your doing when do you sleep? lol
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    The Crayola/ryColaa Thread

    hahahaha yea i remeber watching pokemon dubbed in chinese when i was a kid... i didn't even watch it on tv! pirated pokemon chinese vcds ftw!
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    Hangout The Sports Hang-Out Thread!

    Re: The Sport Thread! What's your favourite sport? To do yourself? To watch? Badminton! badminton! badminton! lol What do you like about this sport? just let yourself go and react to birds flying toward you but at the same time you need the placement to make sure your opponent will have a...
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    The Hard Gay Thread

    hahahha heres a question you should ask yourself... if you saw him on the street approaching you.. would you run away? XD
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    The Crayola/ryColaa Thread

    1. what got you into anime 2. which came first ;) manga or anime
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    New Manga Editor Membergroup!

    I head bado scans. we've done around 5 chapters of Smash! and 1 chapter of Yamato no Hane website forum
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    Shounen Smash! by Saki Kaori

    Re: Smash! (Badminton manga) hey pezyuan from bado scans here. Me and my friend will release LQ versions of the 1st few chapters of Yamato no Hane. If anyone wants to help translate it'll be a great help and we can get more done quicker
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    Shounen Smash! by Saki Kaori

    Re: Smash! (Badminton manga) the second chapter has been released on should be 6th page or so... btw.. i am actually the leader of [Bado-Scans] the Manga Editor group who scanlates the manga i was wondering if anyone could...