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  1. Chapter Bleach 306 Discussions

    Re: Bleach 306 Predictions The new chapter suuuuuuuure is taking long, isn't it?
  2. Chapter Bleach 301 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 301 Predictions I'm a bit disappointed, to say the least. Although I find Zomari's release quite weird, I see the majesticness(if that's a word) of his release. He talks about honor and being the same level and his release shows the level that he has can far surpass the "sovereign"...
  3. Chapter Bleach 292 Discussion

    I believe that Noitora is really stronger than Nel. Maybe Nel believes she's stronger, but maybe not. :/ Oh, and on the part where Noi says Nel's been gone for years, I believe that time passes much slower in Hueco Mundo. >:o Just my opinion though. :p
  4. Chapter Bleach 292 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 292 Predictions I think that the next chapter will probably show how Nell got "beaten" by Noi-noi. Afterwards, I think that they will show Noi-noi really, really hurt. :\ Maybe even Ulq. shows up. >;o