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  1. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] I think it's funny that people think Kabuto is the 8 tails. In Japanese mythology the 8 tails demon (the 8 tailed SNAKE) happens to be named Yamata no OROCHI. There is nothing about Kabuto to suggest that he might have the 8 tailed snake sealed within him. Also the...
  2. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: Naruto's Clone Training... While that is true, I think muscle memory falls under the category of knowledge rather than strength.
  3. Naruto's Second Element

    Re: Naruto=wind+? My interpretation of the elements as explained in the manga is that most jounin don't HAVE two elements.  They only have one elemental affinity (unless they have a bloodline limit).  They LEARN to use their second element.  In theory with enough time and training, one could...
  4. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Naruto's Clone Training As you all know, large part of the most recent arc in Naruto has focused on Naruto's training with Kakashi and Yamoto.  He has been training with what, about 200 clones or so for a week?  This translates into a little bit less than 4 years of training time for a normal...