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    Shoujo Perfect Girl Evolution by Hayakawa Tomoko

    Re: Perfect Girl Evolution - Discussion I haven't even watched the anime (maybe a couple episodes, I don't really remember) but I buy the published releases and the Edited Mangas... love it. Just WISH they would start getting into the whole couple things... and the little chibi thing gets...
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    Shoujo Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco

    Re: Ouran High School Host Club - Discussion I love this manga x) I love the anime too. I collect the published english releases of it--- &&the Edited Mangas ^-^ I wonder who the couples will be xP
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    New Manga Editor Membergroup!

    Leader of Ochibichan Edited Manga, staff of Bakemono Edited Mangas and Gensokyo Edited Mangas. Ochibichan releases - 43 archive Bakemono releases - 25 archive Gensokyo releases - 83 archive I just joined MH after hearing about it from Neobody :B I plan to update here^^ too bad I didn't before...