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  1. Chapter Gantz 276 Discussion/ 277 Prediction Thread

    The Osakans have been mostly cannon fodder, sure, but what I respect about this manga is that Oku developed a good amount of the Osakans as characters before finally killing them, as opposed to lets say, your average horror flick in which you can almost always tell who is going to get it (The...
  2. Chapter Gantz 276 Discussion/ 277 Prediction Thread

    I can't believe the people who are pissed about Oka dying...isn't that why we read Gantz? For the fact that no one is safe from death, and that it's a nice respite from the "OH NO A NUKE IS FALLING ON ME!!!....I dodged it." shit we have to deal with in most other mangas? That's what I love...
  3. Is this good...?

    Ah, then you'll have to do something about fixing those grays because right now it just looks like speckled black.
  4. Is this good...?

    There's some blacks that need to be filled in on panel 1, 2, 9. Also the bubble in panel 8 needs to be finished. The greys look very well done though, nice job.
  5. First clean plz check it out

    It looks very nice to me. Only things I really have are little ones. In the bottom left hand corner, the light-haired dude's hair needs a bit of redrawing because some of the lines are splotchy. Also the white outline of the same dude in the upper left hand corner is pixel-y, I don't know if...
  6. Cleaning How Do You Clean a Non-Parallel Border?

    Have you tried using the cloning tool? I use that because it seems to leave a more natural looking line...either that or use the pen tool and just touch it up with a white brush if it doesn't look like it fits too well.