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    Discussion Can the Vizards become significantly more powerful?

    Ichigo gained his hollow powers alongside his shinigami powers through a "natural" proces. The vizards we know all aquired their hollow powers through a incomplete version of the hogyouku. Urahara also said he did all he could to cure the "affliction" however the only thing he could do is...
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    Shunsui's Shikai

    So we should've skipped the espada from the bat and let the captains get owned by aizen right away? Espada were not what we expected nor were the vaizards, because people expected to much from them as in the lowest of them should be able to take on a captain without any problems. We have to...
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    Discussion How would you rate Madara/Tobi as a mastermind?

    Re: [FEATURED] How would you rate Madara as a mastermind? We do not know that.... No one has shown any sign of being able to resist madara his space/time jutsu, and since he has the mastered these jutsu to a frightening level (being able to dematerialise and transporting a person to another...
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    Shunsui's Shikai

    Shinji was only using his mask and not his shikai at that time, while both rose and love where using mask + shikai. Shinji did also overwhelm GJ without any trouble and used a Cero to finish him off which would have if GJ didn't use a Cero to decrease the damage done to him, which means shinji...
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    Who will be the last villain?

    Aizen did get sealed by Urahara, only the seal seems to be able to be changed. After the sentence I gues the seal was reaplied and he was cast into prison.... Personaly I hope for either of the following: -Some sort of Ancient hollow (what kind doesn't realy matter if it is a Vasto lorde...
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    Central 46 Mega Convo Thread

    There are some mysteries surrounding the central 46, and I wish for them stay that way since after all they are being surrounded in mystery for a reason. Like the spirit king they are secluded from the outside world and are reasonably objective to what happens in the outside world (hell they...
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    Central 46 Mega Convo Thread

    easy there:P english aint my mother tongue neither I am that good at my own language:P Anyway I answered that question in a previous question. Il edit the post.
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    Theory Kingaku Ginkaku discussion

    although it sounds entertaining. As mentioned before, in their prime the kingin brothers were renowned for their strenght and they lost because the cloud knows about their legendary items which gives them a edge on how to defeat them. In the end their own weapons turned against them.
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    Central 46 Mega Convo Thread

    1) What has been your opinion of the Central 46 thus far? Poorly, however considering the times we have seen them its justified from a modern point of view. In SS they are the goverment in a old fashion jacket, in that era it was normal. 2) How are members of Central 46 selected? The judges...
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    Theory Kingaku Ginkaku discussion

    What many people forget is that the 1st hokage didn't seal the 9 tails when he created the village he only sealed the kyuubi during his fight with madara which is quite some time after the creation of the hidden village system (which includes the cloud). I tend to believe that konoha was the...
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    Unmastered Bankais...?

    Ikkaku his bankai requires him pumping alot of reiatsu in it or getting injuries during battle. If he controls his bankai more he should be able to activate full power at the start of the fight.
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    What is Ichigo? (Human, Vizard, Shinigami, etc.)

    Re: Ask some Questions Well I believe that ichigo is dead and should be in SS. Circumstances prevented this from happening though since urahara skipped the venture in SS and made him a shinigami at a slightly more accelerated rate. Ichigo his human body should age appropiatly to human...
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    Unmastered Bankais...?

    Hitsugaya has far to many offensive abilities for it to be a defensive zanpaktou, also I believe you misintrepeted the words about the captain commander. It is true that the captain commander has the strongest fire type zanpaktou and also the greatest attack power but only the first applies to...
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    Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Touta

    Re: Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai? I doubt that anyone beside the 1 tail jinchuuriki (or previous in gaara's case) can control/create sand. It is ofcourse possible that its a elemental fusion although not necessary.
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    Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread

    Re: Primera Espada thats why I said its possible not garanteed