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    PS2 Narutimate Accel Game Thread

    Re: Narutimate Accel [last update 03.30.2007] I don't like the game. I hate what they've done with Sasori. I hope he's much more useful in the next game. And also that they've got Sai, Yamato and Sasuke. :) Kazuka & the other guy that was so religious. (can't remember the name.)
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    Naruto Shippūden: Anime vs. Manga

    Re: naruto shippuden: anime vs. manga I don't like the Animé. It's so slow... The fight between Deidara & Gaara were almost 4 episode in the animé. And the fighting wasn't that good either. The manga is so much more fun. =D You can take your time and read it. Also it's getting more...
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    Kakashi Gaiden

    Re: Kakashi Gaiden Thread Then it's quite a long time until that happends then. 'Cause if they are going to do Kakashi Gaiden then they must do it good. Really good. The animation, the combat etc. All of it.
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    Naruto Hang Out Thread