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  1. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread

    Re: Naruto Going a Bit Downhill? (spoilers) Its not necessarily "slipping" but certainly changing. I remember back when people used SEALS to do techniques o_O. Have you ever seen Naruto use seals? (besides a short few for summoning) Also, what's up with akatsuki? they just keep turning up more...
  2. Chapter 331 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 331 Predictions [Naruto] mmm genjutsu kurenai...oo good match up =P Kurenai uses genjutsu making them think that he is in his magic circle thingy... so he stabs himself...sees it fail and continues stabbing self cause hes confused =P....
  3. Other If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    mangekyou sharingan FTW!!!
  4. Chapter 326 Discussion [Naruto]

    Ive got my money on Sasuke and Orochi popping up out of nowhere, carrying the "backup's" corpses on their back, wondering what was going on, and takes the chance to attempt to kill off 2 of akatsuki >.> <.< >.>; gotta predict the MOST unexpected stuff =P