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  1. CS2 Sasuke by Lee-nus

    simply amazing. how long did it take?
  2. Sasuke Abstract Wallpaper

    if you're referring to sasuke (fanart) then no. I found the render on planetrenders.net. all i merely did was make the background, add a few lines, throw on some color, and placed sasuke on it. that's is all i can do. I just started getting into coloring mangas, but it's pretty difficult.
  3. Sasuke Abstract Wallpaper

    ahh thanks! I was afraid nobody liked it. Yeah i liked that pose too he looks so badass.
  4. Sasuke Abstract Wallpaper

    I chose the younger sasuke to make this abstract wallpaper b/c simply put i thought he looked the coolest dressed up all in black. enjoy.
  5. 339 Fuuton - Rasen Shuiriken!

    nicely done.