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  1. Chapter Bleach 668 Discussion

    It makes sense... look at Yachiru's sword ability. One of those swords looks similar to kenpachi's shikai... - my guess is Kenpachi's bankai ends up similar to the hollow looking one of yachirus friends...I can't...
  2. Chapter Naruto 699/700 Discussion - The End

    Good game guys, well played its been a long journey, im gonna feel empty for a bit..... kore ga sayonara desu
  3. Chapter Naruto 695 Discussion / 696 Predictions

    But even in reality, two people with the same upbringing can take a situation completely differently
  4. Chapter Naruto 688 Discussion / 689 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 688 Discussion / 689 Predictions | No Chapter this Week Sasuke (Or his team on his orders) - Killed the spy for the Hidden Cloud
  5. Chapter Naruto 688 Discussion / 689 Predictions

    Because of Chakra Pool - Madara didn't use them until he was Edo Tensei w/ Unlimited Chakra - Obito didn't use most of them because of the Chakra Drain - Nagato used them w/ His superior Uzumaki Chakra and it drained the shit out of him, then used as edo tensei. Sasuke doesn't have unlimited...
  6. Chapter Naruto 682 Discussion / 683 Predictions

    so obvious - obito space time jutsu gets sasuke back or naruto there. Which is why he's being rezzed this late in the story.
  7. Chapter Naruto 681 Chapter Discussion / 682 Predictions

    I think he linked that to show Kurama had seen it before that is why he was not surprised
  8. Chapter Naruto 677 Chapter Discussion/ 678 Predictions

    They both *unlocked* jutsu knowledge w/ Sage. Which is why Naruto knew how to fix Gai / Kakashi and Sasuke knows his Susanoo will help. My prediction is that after the tree is up Madara will have to focus some of his power on keeping the genjutsu up... until a fruit is born from it then...
  9. Chapter Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions - 675 out around May 7th

    Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions - 675 out at May 7th at the latest Yes I'm sure sakura has more strength after being tired from healing than Gai had during 8 gates release. It has to be obito naru or sasuke to help.
  10. Chapter Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions - 675 out around May 7th

    Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions sasuke pulled madara to him. PRetty damn sure which is why sasuke told naruto to attack towards him his rinnegan power put madara there.
  11. Chapter Naruto 668 Discussion / 669 Predictions

    I really love those chapters like this, it really makes the series for me. not talking bout story or limited action but the certain scenes that just tug at your heart in certain ways. Gai's 8 gates pose was so epic. Reminds me of the sasuke crying etc...I know its not going to last but im Happy...
  12. Chapter Naruto 663 Discussion / 664 Predictions

    Finally Kabuto comes back into play
  13. Chapter Naruto 662 Discussion / 663 Predictions

    Absolutely no suspense in this chapter. Gaara has something for naruto Shodaime has something for sasuke OH NO THEYRE DEAD WE CANT SEE WHAT IT IS. would mean previous 2 chapters were a waste of space. Obvious genjutsu or setup for obito to redeem with Ginrei Tensei.. or we get to see Edo...
  14. Chapter Naruto 661 Discussion / 662 Predictions

    Madara's choice of words while a reflection of Hashiramas I believe he sees sasuke as maybe his child?