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  1. Chapter 370 Discussion [Naruto]

    The time of the Konoha Fundation must be at least the age of Sandaime. And maybe he knew Kazuku because he to fought the Shodaime
  2. Chapter 369 Discussion [Naruto]

    I believe he will try to get out of there, but thn he will be caught by the ''new'' Pein
  3. Chapter 369 Discussion [Naruto]

    Can u guys imagin Kishi saying that Pein daughter is: See also has orange hair XD
  4. Chapter 369 Discussion [Naruto]

    I hope to see something about Kakashi father. He was stronger than the sannin too. But i honestly don't think that kakashi father is going to be talk again
  5. Chapter 369 Discussion [Naruto]

    According to that Guy Pain is probably from the Fuuma Clan But there is already a Fuuma clan from the fillers of the Anime i supose That girl with orange hair, and the other guys with butterfly jutsus