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    Cover The Naruto Coverz Project Thread!

    313(pretty old so not all that great) cleaned by shade 357 cleaned by shade Thanks! Added.
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    Chapter 383 Discussion [Naruto]

    What if there are two tobis? it's obvious that atleast the "evil" tobi is madara,but what if the goofy tobi could still be obito? the goofy tobi has been refered to as tobi and that's it,and the evil is known by madara. i mean think about it,after deidara explodes tobi is still in the forest...
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    dediara 357-first tablet coloring

    Cool thanks for the tips!
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    dediara 357-first tablet coloring Just got my first tablet recently for my birthday so i dug out this old lineart and with some help from Amaretti's coloring tutorial i tried coloring with my tablet for the first time. i know i need to work on some things so any...
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    Team Hebi-Volume 39 cover

    haha, thanks yea felt like making the snakes blue/purple instead of red.i don't know,just usedto the purple snakes i guess.
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    Team Hebi-Volume 39 cover

    Well heres the cover of volume 39 colored by me: still trying to get better at coloring,not much changing though. well hope ya like it :P thanks to sharingandevil for the clean.
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Finally we get to see the 2 last members,but now there's this new leader guy. i'm gonna go along with the theory that it's uchia madara behind the whole thing. and turns out the leader's name is pein >.< i saw on wiki that the girl is named toko,then it was removed so it probably wasn't true...
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    Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] for some reason i still think it might be possible that this is not the end of deidara. it's obvious tobi knew what deidara was about to do,and since we have almost no idea of tobi's abilities it just makes me wonder.i don't know,maybe tobi manages to save a part...
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    Chapter 362 Discussions [Naruto]

    Wow,cliffhanger.looks like their fight is finally over,can't wait to see the aftermath of that explosion.
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    Chapter 361 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 361 Predictions [Naruto] Next chapter we should definatley see something from the Konoha team.i mean,after that giant explosion of the C4 the Konoha team had to of sensed it if not seen it. would be great to find out more about tobi his abilities and background(obito theory...
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    Chapter 360 Discussion [Naruto]

    Great chapter. inresting how deidara trained his left eye to see through the genjutsu. i think it's about time the Konoha team gets involved here.i mean,after that giant explosion from deidara's C4 you'd think that it would draw some attention and that the Konoha team would be able to sense it.
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    Chapter 354 Discussion [Naruto]

    finally get to see how team 8 has for someone dying,i'm almost certain that atleast 1 person will guess is another akatsuki member or maybe someone from hebi.but who knows. and is it just me or does suigetsu look alot like sai's "brother".if he is,that would be intresting...
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    [354] Team Konoha Panel (wallpaper sized) *now finished!*

    awesome job. my new desktop :P
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    Team Konoha

    been working on this one all day.little messy,havent really learned how to do any cool effects either.but anyways hope ya like it. thanks to sharingan devil for the line art.
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    thanks for the amazing clean as always shade