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  1. Feedback Problems with the site?

    The bookmark points to the new R/T/S section of the forum so no its not that, It may be to do with how I configure my pc, I can visit the website from another PC on the lan when my PC gives me a 404 not found :S I know its not software specific since I have tried IE and Opera to visit the...
  2. Feedback Problems with the site?

    Well I figured it wasnt normal since I would have solved it on my own, its not my pc, I have formatted 3 times since I have had this pc, I have no firewall and I only have this problem with this url and its subsections. I am using Opera and I got a bookmark for the website so I aint even typing...
  3. Feedback Problems with the site?

    OK heres something, I can only visit your website a couple a times a week, the rest of the time I recieve a 404 not found, which of course is quite annoying since Im a big fan of mangahelpers.... so is it my end and how do I fix it? PS, it might be another week before I get back to ya :(