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  1. Is Es21 popular in Japan?

    U right, most of the girls love to see Sena's cute face. And some of other cool guy such Kakei, Shin, Sakuraba,etc Finally they read this comic, but they read it because they want to see the guys! Not because the amefuto
  2. Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    Mine is Shin, he is so... cool! He always do training, never give up, always trying 2 b da best! Although he had a problem with high technology... Second, it must be Hiruma. Without him, Sena wouldn't being ES21
  3. Is Es21 popular in Japan?

    Thx 4 the idea, OS.Hoshi! I already promote it to my friends. Some boys actually had read it, but not for the girls. They love girls comic, not this COOL sport comic! Although I'm a girl, I love Es21! MUCH!
  4. Is Es21 popular in Japan?

    You guys are quite lucky. In my country, maybe juz 1% people know what is amefuto. And although they know, they really dunno the rules! They even dunno how the game is played!