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    Erimia's Gallery

    Most excellent Eri. ;3
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    *460 ch.* 2 panels

    I love the color concept for the Naruto and Madara one. Awesome colorings. =)
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    Chapter 442/443 Contributions

    Re: Chapter 442 Contributions For everyone. ^^ edit: 04-08 Adding some fanart. ^^ For everyone as well.
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    [439]Last page

    Looks great Ziaja!
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    400 p17, and some of my other panels

    Oh! You meant "amateur" as in that way. Sorry I must have misinterpreted as in you meant you are not around the amateur level but above it. :darn Haha, and I get the Photosoup thing now. :tem Nah, don't rely on a software to help you improve. Focus on improving your skills, and you can go way...
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    [390]10page -5panel By Ziaja

    I really like this one ziaja! Although his teeth looks blurry, it's still a nice piece. ^_^
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    400 p17, and some of my other panels

    Sorry, not gonna bite my tongue here... but do you know how to use the word amateur? And it's Photoshop not photosoup. Using PS alone is not gonna make your colorings look any better. Don't blame a software for your lack of experience. It's something that requires practice and skills. If you...
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    * Ch.431 p.4 * by Shoko

    Much thanks for the comments everyone. :love
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    Sasuke overload #2

    These are amazing. Loving the style!~ <33
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    Chapter 431 Contributions

    For anyone. ^^
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    * Shoko86's Gallery *

    Thanks guys!~ <333 Also an update! ^_^
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    * Ch.431 p.4 * by Shoko

    Hey guys, long time no coloring. :tem I switch back to my original soft shade instead of cell shading.... Which took me waaaay longer than cell shading would have.. lol. Anyways, Hope you guys like it. :amuse Thanks for looking!~ <3
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    ch. 427 *Deva realm vs Tsunade*

    Pain's yellow teeth, and grayer skin tone threw me off a bit, but other than that, nice job. I like the added BG to Pain as well. ^_^ edit: I just notice Tsunade's eyebrows are a bit too close to the color of her skin. Try coloring them in with the darker blond you used from her hair.
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    [428]Page12 by Ziaja

    Nice work Ziaja! I like the BG on the Tsunade panel. ^__^
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    [141] Itachi, [220] Itachi, [383] Naruto

    I love the full page Itachi one. <3 Awesome work! :3