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  1. Chapter 338 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 338 Predictions [Naruto] :s As for the soldier pills, no one knows... maybe the FDA released some statement saying those pills are bad for sperm count or something. Fighting technique plot holes in general are hard to explain for us peasant-readers. Remember how kawarimis and kage...
  2. Chapter 338 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 338 Predictions [Naruto] Shikamaru isn't infallible. He actually thought to himself "Shit I screwed up". From that we can deduce, that yes, it was his intention to decapitate Hidan and he failed. But of course, Kishimoto might just be screwing with us and have Shika say "Haha you noobs, I...
  3. Chapter 337 Discussion [Naruto]

    I agree. I agree, because chakra has to been drawn out before its property can be changed. I disagree. It's still chakra, but with elemental properties. Can Shika do kage mane with real shadows? No, but he can do it with his own shadow which is imbued with shadow-type chakra. Can Naruto...
  4. Chapter 337 Discussion [Naruto]

    ZOMG THEY FORGOT SHIKAMARU!!! Well... someone else is probably there to save him :eyeroll Anyway, anyone notice how if the Akatsuki were fighting 1v1, almost no one would be able to defeat them? Even Kakashi got whooped :blink
  5. Chapter 336 Discussion [Naruto]

    Well they'll probably explain how Shika tricked Hidan with some sleight-of-hand tricks. Btw, I LOVE all the Shika fight chapters. Great stuff.