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  1. 313 p16-17

    Heh. Somehow, in color, Kakuzu reading just looks really funny...
  2. 340 kakuzu and naruto page 6-7

    Awesome! 340 might not have been too eventuful, but it did have a couple pretty cool pictures. Namely, that one, and the page where Naruto's clones get blown to pieces by masks.
  3. Chapter 337 Contributions

    That scene is great, but I'll stil waiting on a colored version of Kakuzu's...transformation, let's call it. That would look even more creepy...
  4. Chapter 336 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 336 Predictions [Naruto] I get the feeling they'll take out Hidan's body somehow, but Kakuzu will take his head. That way, an Akatsuki is basically taken out, but Hidan and Kakuzu can still make a buddy cop movie.
  5. Chapter 334 Discussion [Naruto]

    Plus, Yamato was impressed. He wouldn't be if he had seen it 10 times already with a slightly smaller impact.
  6. Chapter 336 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 336 Predictions [Naruto] When I read this a second tiem (The MQ), I noticed something. Shikamaru said he would play "That role"....the guy who would dop something with the vial. But...everyone got sad when he said that, and it sounded like both he and Kakasshi were reluctant to hand over...
  7. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] No way can Kakashi make a good enough suiton without a water source, or even at all. Water isn't his is (one of) Kakuzu's.
  8. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] Prediction: 5 chapters go by. All masks are destroy, Kakuzu lives. Kakuzu: Wahah! I have another one in my head! Next chapter, it gets destroyed. Kakuzu: Dude, I do the mask thing to everybody I kill. I have, like 568 of them. I give them away as Christmas...
  9. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] Well, he does rule, or control, the ghosts. Actually, it fits pretty well, even though I was initially scratchibng my head at why a chapter focused around the AL would surface at a time like this. As for omnipotent...he has insane strength, wire arms, detachable...
  10. Chapter 334 Discussion [Naruto]

    I love how Shikamaru thought he could do this with just Ino and Chouji. Yet even with Kakashi and surprise Raikiri through the heart, they're screwed, and this is just from one of the two Akatsuki. Yeah, Shika's a genius.
  11. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] I'm liking this...good old-fashioned hand-to-hand is practically useless nowdays, because the enemie's powers jumped from unreal to downright supernatural. Of course, I'd like to see of the old stuff again, too.
  12. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] Um, all of that is speculation, and probably false (He controls the ghost, not vice-versa...he also has blood, hence a semi-normal body. Oh, and by no-name village, I know he's from Waterfall. But he's the only one (Sides Hidan, who presumably comes from a minor...
  13. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] It's fairly likely the Iron-skin jutsu is too high for Kakashi to use, since he doesn't specialize in Earth. Or it may even be a unique ability (Gaara's Ryuusa Bakyru also uses handsigns, but it's unique). After all, I think having ghosts on his back alone proves...
  14. Seinen Elfen Lied by Okamoto Lynn (v12)

    Re: Elfen Lied - Manga Erm...when I use the link from the first post, I get "Alert: 530 You have reached the maximum number o of connection (2) for your host" when I try to download, and it cancels the DL. I don't know why this is, I only had that one window open...
  15. DD's kakuzu, Nixu colours

    Great! I love Kakuzu's character design, so any art of him I'll love, but this is especially good. Practically looks like a photograph.