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    Chapter One Piece Volume 51 (ch492-502) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 495 Discussion/496 Predictions do we know how old camie is? I loved this weeks chapter! My eyes looked like Luffy's when Sunny went boom! =D And I agree, you're all looking too much into this...have you never met a person who just scares you by being there? It's the same thing...
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 14 (Ch. 129-138) Discussion

    Re: D. Gray Man 138 Discussion I'm not really good with japanese but I know just a little... I think that they said that she can use it but with a really great risk...or something like that... And that she should think twice before using it ever again.
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 14 (Ch. 129-138) Discussion

    Re: D. Gray Man 137 Discussion But if the Earl did know that Mana was the traitor. Then WHY? did he not stop Allen when his hand took over? And would his Innocence move by itself without the curse? In that chapter he gets cursed before it starts to move right? We do not know if Tykki was...
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    Discussion Why isn't D. Gray Man more popular?

    =D I just happened to see the title and a very short description. And I just had a feeling that it was something I would like. Now it's on the top of my best-list!
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    How did you get your username?

    It's my dogs name. Spike. =D
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 14 (Ch. 129-138) Discussion

    Re: D. Gray Man 136 Discussion Wait, a min. Maybe Malcolm doesn't know that Allen's the only one who can control the arc. (do we even know?) And that's why Cross tells him to investigate first and then decide what to do with Allen. I like Cross, and don't really belive that he's as cold-hearted...
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    Discussion 'The Hearts' Innocence True Ability

    How wise of you. :) I haven't thought of this. This seems to me to be the most reasonable explanation. :D I mean...
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    Discussion Trying to solve Kanda's puzzle...

    Re: Kanda's Tattoo Isn't deep sleep supposed to represent kanda dying and awakened state....well when he's alive or his regeneration ability. And after he used it against skin, his tattoo only became more marked...and bigger. Maybe he started of with just one of the symbols? Like only awakened...
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    Discussion Old Spoilers Thread

    Re: DGM 136 Spoiler Thread yeah, but will they be able to change the doors destinations? And personally I'm hoping that Allen either becomes a general (with a bit of training of course) with the normal group as his underlings...=D [Oh, yeah I didn't really like how Crowley never got any...
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 14 (Ch. 129-138) Discussion

    Re: D. Gray-Man 133 Discussion What's up with page 5? the big sphere thingie...isn't that the same sign as kanda has on his shoulder? [hr] yup you're absolutely right!