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    Page Naruto 544 Family

    I think this turned our great! I like that you used a more original background instead of following the manga so strictly; shows more creativity that way! ;) I do, however, think that to give more contrast in the work, you could have desaturated Minato and Kushina a little. Otherwise, I love...
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    Panel [544]- Naruto: Challenging the power of murk

    I really like the style and choice of colouring on this one! I'm especially drawn to the face. Keep it up ;)
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    Page Chapter 522 Page 6-7 Double Spread

    Great work! It's nice to see someone colour some full pages!
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    Fan Art Naruto : Kunai launch

    Nice one!
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    Chapter 509 Madara Wallpaper

    this one's very dark... I like it! I love the attention to focus on the eye. Keep it up! ;)
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    Page Chapter 515 - The joint shinobi army double page!

    Nice work! I love the colouring! :)
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    Danzo & Itachi [Chap 477]

    Thanks so much! ;)
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    Danzo & Itachi [Chap 477]

    Thanks guys! ;)
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    Coloring [MEOW]COLOR ALBUM The 7th Term

    Glad to see a couple of artists in there that I actually know! I hope one of these days to get in too... But I have to actually do some painting first! Keep it up guys!
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    Fan Art Painrodactyl Drawing.

    Bad animating is bad!!! This made me smile Painrodactyl FTW ^_^
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    [511]The New Mask.

    It's actually quite good as is. The only problem I can say is really a problem is that the holes in the mask are a light colour. It makes it look as if there is light coming form the inside. If you make them darker than everything else, it should be fine. Keep it up though! ;)
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    Tobi - new mask

    I would have to agree. It is a great piece, but those reds.... you have to watch out for them sometimes. Keep it up though! ;)
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    [510] Konan in rain

    I love it! It really reminds me of the Itachi one by Thethiala. I love the lighting you used too, makes the whole thing look nostalgic. Keep it up!
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    Konan in the Rain - finished!

    Re: Konan WIP need comments I for one, like to start with the background. It give me more of a sense of how the lighting should be. Then work your way inward. I can't give you much more advice seeing as you haven't done much.... Keep going though! ;)
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    Naruto vs Kyuubi Rough scenes (Fan Animation) And some other animations

    Re: Naruto vs Kyuubi Rough scenes (Fan Animation) It didn't take very long at all. Simply put, all that needs to be done is that draw each frame at a time. The entire rough scene took a compiled time of 5 hours. I did however, take my time and did it over a span of 3 days. I'm only trying to...