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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 440 Discussions / 441 Predictions If madara had defeated the 4th he would not been able to seal the fox. I personally believe if they fought extensively gamabunta would have known.....oh and of course he could see his every move, he has sharigan that does not make him stronger
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    Naruto Volume 45 (Ch. 413-422) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 420 Spoiler Discussion If i read the trans correctly, is there anything stopping naruto from using KB to buy time to transform into sennin mode
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    FEANO -- 386 Little Madara + 380 Itachi

    love the shades and colours you used in the itachi pic......its great......
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    Chapter 338 pg Double spread, Shikamaru and Asuma

    great work i love the colors u used