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  1. Chapter 355 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 355 Predictions [Naruto] Yup, so do I .. I think we'll figure out, probably soon, about Tobi .. Next chapter, I think each team (Hebi and Konoha) will show us their strategy .. Or maybe, they'll just keep moving and by the end of the chap, Konoha's team meet Deidara and Tobi or Itachi...
  2. French Community - Salut les amis!

    Re: FRENCH Hang Out Thread Faut éviter de parler politique ici .. sinon ça va gueuler .. :D En fin de compte, allez y .. Parlez comme vous voulez mais pendez moi si c'est président .. :D Pour revenir au sujet .. ça serait intéressant que tous les francophones viennent ici poster un chouwiya...
  3. Chapter 352 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 352 Prediction Thread [Naruto] Well ... after chapter 351 and Sasuke having his complete team, it's obvious that they will start lookin' for Itachi or at least they'll begin makin' their plan .. Especialy after the annoucement for chapter 352 : "Itachi's place" .. But, with Kishimoto...
  4. Country France

    Re: French : a hard langage [ Part 1, and more i hope :) ] Moi je suis fran
  5. French Community - Salut les amis!

    Re: FRENCH Hang Out Thread Salut ! Je vois que pas beaucoup de monde parle français aisement ici. Moi c'est ma langue mère alors si vous avez besoin d'aide, n'hésitez surtout pas. ;) Je pense aussi me mettre à la traduction des chapitres. Je vais voir ça puisque je viens de débarquer sur MH. :)
  6. Language What Languages do you know?

    Frensh (100%) Arabic (100%) English (90%) Started Spanish and guess this summer it will be perfect Next language to study : either Japanese, German, Russian or Italian. Added to the 1st post.:D
  7. Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread Yo !! I'm unsignedhype, 18 years and I study at med school ( 1st year :) ) Got double nationality cuz in fact I'm frensh and moroccan ( born and lived for a while in Bordeaux but since years I live in Morocco ) :amuse What I love the most ? Hmm ... To succed for...