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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 155 Discussion Thread ever since I read the chapters with Fay's past I thought that the 'Fay' we know must be 'Yuii', i just don't see why they'd center on Yuii and not Fay. Also Yuii seems to have more of a chance to get out than Fay does. I think when Yuii got out he took his...
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    Favorite Minor Character

    Kamui and Tsubaru were very cool.
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    Clow Reed. Who is he

    Basically CCS Clow is the XXXHolic Clow. I know this because in the short story about how the Mokona's were made Mokona spoke about how they used to play with Kero and Yue. Also with Watanuki and Yuuko's conversation about Sakura's staff. With Sakura(TRC) and Syaoran(TRC) being related. Well...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 148 Prediction Thread Let me get this right, the three worlds are, Infinity, Celes and the world Sakura was going to(The world she hopes other Syaoran will be, correct? I didn't see Freya coming, that was a twist, and then Chii coming, that was a nice touch. So Freya is taking...