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  1. Who should fight or kill of the villains in Bleach ?

    Re: Who will defeat aizen? you could be onto something. but that would mean Hime has just as much training to do as the others. The reistu vs. reistu thing still applies and she could barely tackle Ulqui's leftover reitsu in Ichigo's wounds. tho training for her might have to include...
  2. Who should fight or kill of the villains in Bleach ?

    Re: Who will defeat aizen? well yeah but we all know Aizen is gonna make it to the king's realm...stark...yeah he's too lazy to be the main villain :p
  3. Anyone wanna guess where Komamura is from??

    Re: Anyone wana guess where Komamura is from?? hey we know animals can be hollows :referring to that tiny hollow lizard Ichigo saw. so why not shinigami.
  4. Favorites Who should stay, who should go, and should there be any n00bs?

    you wanna kill of Komamura:( no way his bankai is too awesome and someone has to kick tousen's @$$ in the WW
  5. Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread

    Re: How would you rank the Ten Members of the Espada 1-10 and why? he didn't mean that literally. it was more of a symbol. kind of like how is his left arm isn't really the left arm of the Devil..well i hope not:) gramps espada could be either or but for the sake of continuity im going with...
  6. Chapter Bleach 293 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 293 Predictions so there was a little side note about the nell vs. nnoi thing concluding. that means Ichigo will have confronted and concluded dealings with 3 diff. espada while renji is still on szayel. possibly the most drawn out battle in bleach history. hope szayel's revealing...
  7. Chapter Bleach 291 Discussion

    yeah i def agree it would ruin his at this point Grim and Renji's battle with Ichigo went down the same, except at the end Renji has an epiphany and realizes Ichigo could be his ally to save Rukia, Grimm however doesn't have anything but the same amount of hatred he always had for Ichigo. they...
  8. What's the Winter War Going to be Like?

    Re: whats the winter battle going to be like? whoa dude i think ur confusing yama's zanpanktou with the Soukyoku. 2 very different things. Ichigo has never faced Yama-ji and would prob. lose if he tried at this level. the soukyoku wasn't expecting interference so its hard to say whether...
  9. Chapter Bleach 289 Discussion

    well maybe not Ulquiorra but Grimmjow certainly had enough time with Nell. So far he was that had his name and position stated by Nell (with honorifics too). Mayb grimm knows as much as Noitora but since he's grimm he doesn't give a damn to get into all that.:D
  10. Future Bleach episode Titles

    Re: Future Bleach Episodes (138-139) i really hope not, thats prob. why they let mod souls go all out on that non-canon arrancar patros. just to get give the mod fans (if there are any:p ) a little fix
  11. Bleach ep138 Discussion

    lmao @ ww and matsumoto
  12. Chapter Bleach 288 Discussion

    I can tell ur post isn't just aimed towards just my post. so thnx. i too agree with constructive criticism and am against derogatory bashing. but in response to ur first post, yeah u could come up with 100 diff. possibilities and there will be someone that doesn't like each of those, simply...
  13. Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread

    Re: Who is the number 1 espada? Stark's comment scares me a bit as i want him to be no. 1 badly. Most of us have taken it as a sign of strength that he just doesn't care about such a low-ranking espada. but what if it was taken as "what do u want me to do about it, im only 2 rankings from him...
  14. Chapter Bleach 288 Discussion

    yeah it really was a meant in a joking way. plus this is a bleach chapter discussion thread. not a bleach chapter discussion (but no negative comments) thread..cheers mate
  15. Chapter Bleach 288 Discussion

    if there is another type of cero i might boycott this entire arc. thanks to grimjow im all ceroed out.