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  1. Chapter Gantz 368 Discussion/369 Prediction Thread

    I love this chapter. This is what Gantz used to be/should be. Enough with all that Tae melodrama bullcrap. Just action and dark comedy. Mary kissing Kaze was just plain random. I cant look at her the same way anymore. I do find the small humans raping a giant surprisingly erotic. I feel a new...
  2. Chapter Fairy Tail Vol 24 (Chap 197 - 204) Discussion

    Re: Fairy Tail 199 Spoiler Thread Aww this was such a touching chapter. Elfman's face was priceless when he saw Lisana, haha.
  3. Chapter Mahou Sensei Negima 299 Discussion

    Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 299 Discussion / 300 Prediction Oh my God Tatsumiya just went bankai~!
  4. Shounen GTO and GTO - Shonan 14 Days by Fujisawa Tohru

    So are these chapters weekly or bi-weekly? Also what days are they usually out? Thursday like bleach/naruto and them?
  5. Shounen GTO and GTO - Shonan 14 Days by Fujisawa Tohru

    Does anyone know how often chapters get released? Still waiting for chapter 7 after 2 weeks of the first 6 chapters.
  6. Chapter Gantz 292 Discussion/293 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 292 Spoiler Discussion Thread Damn, it really seem like Gantz is trying to kill off everyone. I lover how those roman statues just broke those Gantz Sabers like butter while the guns barely do squat. It'll take a miracle to win this one alive.
  7. Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: Gantz 279 Spoiler Discussion I cant get over the fact that Hoi Hoi got 40 points lol! I wish Oku showed us the Panda in action!
  8. Chapter Gantz 278 Discussion/ 279 Prediction Thread

    I could sworn his um...short sword, got eaten like his limbs while um, having fun, with Nuri in his 1000 nude women mode, or was I the only one who was under the impression that his THING was gone for that whole time? lol
  9. Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: Gantz 278 Spoiler Discussion Lol extra life, that'd be hilarious.
  10. Chapter Gantz 277 Discussion/ 278 Prediction Thread

    I REALLY hope this mission finally wraps up after this, its getting really annoying and stale now. This chapter was more interesting than the past 20 or so chaps. So its a good way to end. Sucks Anzu had to die. I doubt Reika can revive anyone, she didnt kill a single alien. Only people who...
  11. Chapter Gantz 274 Discussion/275 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 274 Discussion/ 275 Prediction Thread I agree that this probably seems to be the last normal mission (though its hardly normal since they are in Osaka). Hopefully after this long drag of a mission that's getting on my nerves ends, we can finally get some plot going. Its been almost 2...
  12. Chapter Gantz 274 Discussion/275 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 274 Discussion/ 275 Prediction Thread Alright I dont mean to rant but am I the only one who's getting sick and tired of the way Gantz is going lately? I mean first of all we had to wait 4 month after the first series ended for the thing to resume, and now after a year and a half, only...