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    Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: ES21 248 Spoiler Thread The cover is so awesome! :D Can't wait for the chapter. Little Hiruma and Kurita. ^^
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    How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    Re: How did u come across MANGAHELPERS!?!?!?!? People at NF and the other forums were always refering to something called MH or MangaHelpers so I was wondering what kind of place is that anyways. :D I was just a lurker here reading the newest spoilers for the longest time but now I had to...
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    Discussion Old Spoilers Thread

    Re: D. Gray-Man 129 Spoiler Thread Even if Lavi does fall (with Chaoji is it? Well, who cares a bout him..) I don't think he is going to die.. People in D.Gray-man don't just die... Or do they? (Still thinks Kanda and Crowley are alive..) I'm not surprised that Hoshino had to go on a break...
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    Anime 666 Satan

    Re: 666 Satan Anime - CONFIRMED! If there isn't an anime by the end of the year I'll be pretty dissapointed. :/ I hope the anime would be a little bit quicker paced than the manga, specially in the steam town acr and the olympia tournament (sorry, if I can't remember right), me myself was...
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    Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread

    Re: Who is the number 1 espada? Stark. At first I thought it was ulqui, but can't be him anymore. So Stark is the next one on the list. Well, my espada ranking guesses have all been wrong this far so I guess this one is too..
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    Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: ES21 246 Spoiler Thread I thought there was no chapter this week bacause it wasn't mentioned in the TOC but I hope there is one after all... Are? That's true.. But since there hasn't been any notice that it was on a break I guess they just forgot it :sweat
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    Mag Talk Weekly Shounen Jump (Shounen Mag by Shueisha) [Archive 2008 and older]

    Re: Jump TOC Talk #39 (27/08 Reborn (Couv & Page Couleur) One Piece Gintama Naruto Usagi Jaguar (Page Couleur) Bleach Muhyo Gag Manga To Love Futsuzawa Kakunoshin / Anaaki's (One Shot) Kochi Kame Sket Dance P2 Belmonde Yasha Mx0 Pot Neuro D,Gray Hitomi Volley Ball (Fin) Absent : Hxh...
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    Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    Hiruma of course! Who couldn't like him? Well, I like many characters from Eyeshield actually... Let's say it like this (There are so many characters so I forget them..) 1. Hiruma! 2. Sena 3. Harao (Am I the only person who likes Harao? :D) 4. Musashi (At first I was dissapointed in him being...
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    Discussion Favourite D.Gray-Man character?

    My favourite character has always been Kanda! I liked him before I knew anything about him, but althought his attitude is pretty bad he's still my favourite. My second favourite would be Lavi, because he's so niceand funny,and I like that River or who ever he is from the Black Order. For some...
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    Favourite Black Order's General ?

    My favourite General is defianately Cross. I don't really care about the other generals. Cross is just so mysterios, that's why I like him, I hope we get to know more about him now that he appeared in the manga again. Well, if Allen does become a general that would be cool, but I have a...
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    Discussion The DGM Hiatus Thread -Hiatus Ends July 17th-

    Re: D.Gray-man: long absence? I read a bout the absence in Ritual... Such a great part going on and we're expected to wait four weeks.