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  1. Lineart

    lol ill think about it :)
  2. Lineart

    lol i would take it out but i cant draw lol im just followin the lines lol
  3. Lineart

    i will lol i just finished natsu on to kamarov next
  4. [Shonen] Fairy Tail Coloring ^^

    looks good i like his hair
  5. Lineart

    this is my second attemt at lineart not sure if u will like it or not but i havent finished it yet Manga Page Lineart
  6. [363] Itachi

    Dude Can u send me the lineart please i really wanna colour some sasuke and itachi
  7. AK-46's Gallery

    ur works are really good ive only seen better with amaretti dou happen to still have the lineart u used??
  8. Part Two

    nice work u got the lineart??
  9. my colourings

    Im sort of new to this but ive been told that their good my devieant art check for urself
  10. [365] 16-17 ~ Amaretti

    hey amarettie fo u have the lineart?? if u do send to me please i wanna try colour that