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  1. Chapter 364 Discussion [Naruto]

    No, it's not weird or unusual for fictitious supervillains to refer to themselves in 3rd person. It's more cliched actually.
  2. Chapter 364 Discussion [Naruto]

    ^Why would you assume your mere speculation is more reliable than the translators who all agree Tobi is referring to himself as Uchiha Madara?
  3. Chapter 359 Discussion [Naruto]

    That flashback was interesting.... Deidara being slightly coerced into joining Did a similiar situation occur with Sasori given that he had mentioned he "hadn't had this much difficulty since joining Akatsuki"
  4. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] I don't think that backup is gonna arrive, nor should it come. I think for personal reasons it's better that team 10 with Kakashi's help defeat these guys to avenge Asuma. I think they can do this...Kakashi still hasn't used his trump card the mangekyou, and I'm...