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  1. [Help Wanted] Re: Need Advice On How To Improve My Synopsis

    Thank you but I just have a feeling that it isn't quite finished and I know I can do way more with it .
  2. [Help Wanted] Need Advice On How To Improve My Synopsis

    I came up with this idea for my manga that I want to go through with but it isn't all the way finished and it needs polishing but could any of you give me advice on how to improve it how it is?
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    Looking for an Artist

    I'm looking for an artist to work on a collaborative manga project with me and hopefully turn it into something big. I believe I'm a good writer with a lot of potential and I have a lot to offer as...
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    [Help Wanted] Looking For a Talented Artist

    Just happened to stumble upon this forum and I hope this forum will help me progress, and I hope to get acquainted with all of you but I'll get straight to the point.

    I'm trying to start my own...
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