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  1. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 627 Sasuke's Reply

    I like the change of the story and reasonable rating black, i'd give this a 5/5 too. Lets just hope that sasuke can keep it together when he fights madara.
  2. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 625 The True Dream

    Awesome review black (much like jabman i'm quite relieved that your not stopping the reviews), i liked how you expressed your thoughts about this chapter. In regards to sympathizing with...
  3. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 620 Hashirama Senju

    Great review black, insight is up by a lot this time and kishi answered my prayers, a battle with the first and madara. Much like yourself i'm curious to know what sasuke will do after he hears...
  4. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 618 The One Who Knows Everything

    Awesome review as always jack double thumbs up. My only hope for next chapter is that we (hopefully) get to see the battle with hashirama and madara in some details during their conversation (but...
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    [Discussion] Re: The concept of "Genius" in NARUTO

    I guess i'd put itachi as a genius candidate. Reasons: Mastery of sharingan, level of intelligence , level of power that surprisingly enough was able to match up to other badasses ie jiraiya,...
  6. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 616 Dance of the Ninjas

    Question of interest is will sasuke kill them after he gets his info out of them

    ---------- Post added at 12:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 PM ----------

    I hope we get a proper...
  7. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 616 Dance of the Ninjas

    what he said
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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 613 Head

    Awesome review as always black. i liked the idea you put forward with guy using the eighth gate, using the eighth gate before dying would be a cool way to end him.
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 613 Discussion / 614 Predictions

    Just when we all thought the jubbi couldn't get any uglier :epicfacepalm As for shikaku and the rest of HQ...yeah...those guys are dead. I guess on the slim chance they survived was because of the...
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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 611 Arrival

    Awesome review in my opinion but i have to agree with cyven in regards to the characters, characters like sakura and the others from naruto's generation need more shine. And lets face guys (and be...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 611 Spoiler Discussion

    heheh he who must not be named, i lol'd to this XD
  12. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 609 The End and 610 Juubi

    Awesome review as always black. I'm kinda curious to see which turn the story takes now. I suspect alot of fodder ninja is going to get blow away by madara.
  13. Thread: Jyuubi = Lame?

    by MrSteel

    [Discussion] Re: jyuubi = lame?

    In terms of looks, i don't think the jubi is lame. It is as it was described as in the manga, it's a monster though i guess if i should use my imagination i guess kiishi could have made it into a...
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