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  1. Re: Click HERE to read my awesome new thread!

    Hahaha, Sanjiiii! Thank you for the warm welcome!!

    Finding a good nickname to use is so hard these days; they're all taken so I had to use quite a bit of creativity! When I think about it, Samurai...
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    Re: my coloring pack

    Love the Fairy Tail ones!!! Nice colouring work!
  3. [Discussion] Re: What are You Watching and What is Next on Your List?

    I recently watched Free! I LOVED the concept and the art and of course... the eye candy, for a lack of better words lol

    However, by the end of season 1, it was kind of getting long. Amazing...
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    Re: Hello! Newbie here

    Hi there! Nice meeting you! What kind of book did you write? I also love to write; it's liberating!
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    Re: Some first coloring attempts

    Awesome 1st attempt! I would suggest playing with light and shadows; determine where the source of light is and it'll add more depth/dimension to the piece of art ;)
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    Sakura needs some love too!

    There isn't enough Sakura love, so I decided to take matters into my own hands! I read an awesome fanfic, and was inspired to make a doujin.
  7. Click HERE to read my awesome new thread!


    Nice to meet you all! If you are wondering about my name: I love the colour pink, and my name starts with a T. I also happen to own quite a few pink tees. A play on words :hee

    I also...
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