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  1. Re: For those who think Akainu will find One Piece before Luffy

    Akainu I do not think is interested in One Piece. If he did want to find it then it would be to destroy it, this way the golden age of pirates comes to an end.

    I've always imagined Luffy is...
  2. [Predictions] Re: What will happen when Chopper will master his DF?

    Isn't Marco a the user of the legendary phoenix zoan fruit?

    When Chopper masters his DF I believe he'll be doing stuff like using defense point only on the part of his body being hit or...
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    Poll: Re: The Will of D.: My Theory

    Could the D stand for Dima? I don't know why but this page saying that Dima is the strongest family has always been on my mind. It seems vague enough for it to be something! =P Going off on a...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: NARUTO vs.Bleach vs. One Piece Poll

    I voted OP cause it has the better story, it has always flows very well with very little inconsistency. I like how the menial things that are said or done have become much larger parts of the story,...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 569 Discussion / 570 Prediction

    My take on it is that Coby was using soru and it looked like Luffy hit him while he was mid-soru. So while his legs are still moving towards luffy his head has been pushed back by Luffys punch. ...
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