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    Re: The cnet128 Thread

    How tall are you?

    Have you read Death-Note? If so thoughts?

    How tall are you?

    Are you any good at drawing?
  2. Re: Kenpachi - Possibly Stronger than Aizen and Yamamoto?

    Well firstly, each battle depends on their swords ability as well as their own knowledge of kidou and the such, but yes Kenpachi didn't go all out til he was 'pretty beat up' so our actual knowledge...
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    Re: Bleach ep 132 Discussion

    Similarly i thought it was a good episode , pretty funny in parts so yeah, more entertaining than most fillers and i did like the fact that it was rather different. One thing i wondered though, when...
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    [Chapter] Re: 281 Bleach Discussion

    Firstly wouldnt the reason be that nobody else in Soul Society knows of the device as Urahara made it for himself, used it, then Yoruichi used it with Ichigo so i doubt there is a large number of...
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    [Question] Re: What Do You Want To See Before Bleach Ends?

    cough cough, i thought it was pretty damn funny, though your reaction was more hilarious.

    1. A good reason as to why Kubo overpowered Chad then had him mullered.
    2. Ichigo use his brain in some...
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