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    [Misc Attempt] practice cleaning

    Alright, I hope I'm allowed to post here. :confused:

    Please, I need suggestions on what I can do better. Or what I did wrong. :oh


  2. [Challenge Attempt] g.evergreen attempts Cleaning Challenge #02

    Whoa, this lesson was never for beginners! It's so hard and complicated and I think impossible. :blink

    Can anyone help and rate? And what did I do wrong? :darn
  3. [Challenge Attempt] g.evergreen attempts Editing Practice #001!

    Alright, here's my very first attempt at editing.
    Any constructive criticism to give? :worrybunny
  4. Sticky: Re: Editing Practice #001 - The Lesson (With Solution Posted)

    Okay, I'll try this. So we decide which font we wanna use?
  5. Replies

    Re: Introduction Thread - Part 2

    Hello everyone,
    g.evergreen here. I feel a bit lost around the forums... *laughs* :hurr

    I joined MH to become a Cleaner but don't actually know where to start. :amuse

    I've been designing...
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