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    [Discussion] Re: Have you ever played a Visual Novel?

    @Segua: Kanji is a nightmare, I say that as someone who has sworn to be able to read and write in Japanese as an eventual life goal. I am currently playing Hotel Dusk and I'm a hardcore fan of...
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    [Discussion] Re: Do you like one sided fights?

    I can see the purpose of one sided fights but for me it depends on characters being used. If I hate the character I will love to see them curbstomped, but if I love or like the character if I know...
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    Poll: Re: Will we see Enma again? =)

    I like this idea, it gives Konohamaru power. I doubt Kishimoto will utilise it though. You never know, Kishimoto might read Japanese forums where people share similar interesting ideas.
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    Re: Naruto Hang Out Thread v2

    Macherie- despite some rabid Uchiha clan fans in the world- i totally agree with you and have thought such a thing for a long time. the last confrontation will probably end with naruto. there are...
  5. Sticky: [Language] Re: English Thread

    Who aside from Cockneys use that rhyming slang? i shall stick to geordie accent thanks much!
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    [Life] Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. i'm a Scorpio so I don't usually give much of myself away- at least the deep secret stuff
    2. I'm a man
    3. I'm a libertarian
    4. my favourite chocolate is eminems
    5. i like eating lemons and ice...
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    Sticky: Re: Where Do You Come From?

    Hey people i'm from merry old England as the americans may say, although i do want to become a japanese citizen, im trying hard to get into uni to help me along! 6 days till results day!

    Added to...
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    Re: Naruto Hang Out Thread v2

    Thank you Dattebayo! the last post reminded me of something concerning the 4th. i for one believe the 4th is dead although some won't accept this. i would like to see the new strength of Naruto (the...
  9. Re: Chronicles of the Cursed Sword

    Thank you kalaren and anyone else, i will investigate this manga now,it does sound like my sort of thing considering im a dragonball, bleach, yyh, naruto and beet fan. however i checked the site and...
  10. [Discussion] Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions!

    Regardless of the popularity polls, kishimoto makes many great characters, which obviously cater to different types of people. My overall favourite character has got to be Kakashi because he is so...
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    Re: Naruto Hang Out Thread v2

    Hey guys how is everybody? excuse me if i seem to be butting in but i havent logged on this site for ages! is there any expert here who can tell me either about the sword of hozuki suigetsu or his...
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