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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210


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  1. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 806 Discussion / 807 Predictions-Break NEXT WEEK.

    Most likely jack is looking for the ninja after all he is a ninja so he can be very good at hiding lol by namis expression sanji had to put his life on the line for nami and chopper to run away and...
  2. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 806 Discussion / 807 Predictions

    Just like i predicted most likely nami exchange clothes with the dog girl. Now the only thing i can think of Sanji situation is that Jack probably left his most strong underling in Zou and he was...
  3. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 805 Discussion / 806 Predictions

    Mink tribe should be thankful to Luffy that he beat doflamingo which is probably the reason Jack left without finishing everyone off cuz he had yo rescue mingo
  4. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 805 Spoiler Discussion

    So it seems carrot and that other lady were looking for luffy all along before they ran into the guardians i can tell by carrot stating we might be too pate plus they told uasop n co where there...
  5. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 804 Discussion / 805 Predictions

    Since zou is a distant islamd from the world i believe the reason why harpt has Nami clothes is because she loved the style, she probably traded them and it can be applied to why the monkey copied...
  6. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 803 Discussion / 804 Prediction-Break NEXT WEEK.

    I find it funny how you all underestimating the RA just bcz the BB crew is suppost to be Luffy final opponent, thats exactly what Oda wants us to think; what if all the RA meet somewhere else? We...
  7. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 803 Discussion / 804 Prediction-Break NEXT WEEK.

    Dragon may have really good observation Haki and sensed someone on the island. He might get prepared for the fight thata coming.
  8. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 801 Spoiler Discussion

    Jack could possibly be kaidos right hand man
  9. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 801 Spoiler Discussion

    Lmao at the barto clubship! Oda never fails to amaze me. Poor chopper they atill think he is the crew mascot but wait till they see him in action they going to regret underestimate him. I wonder why...
  10. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 799 Spoiler Discussion

    Bruhh i havent been this excited in a while.. I feel you bruh i really cant wait to see what a Yonkou has to offer or the future of OP has in hold for us. Im just amazed XD
  11. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 799 Spoiler Discussion

    Oda you are a freaking God... I would of never expected this; from now on ill just keep my comments and theories to myself because you blew my mind. Besides gaining the respect from isshou and the...
  12. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 798 Discussion / 799 Predictions

    Fujitora knew what kind of person Luffy is once both found themselves in the casino were Luffy told him the truth about the bet, Fuji witnessed Luffy fighting DD for the sake of Dressrosa so I doubt...
  13. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 798 Discussion / 799 Predictions

    Just like i mentioned before there will be a teaser from Luffy and Isshou but Law will use room to extract Luffy. I know Isshou wont fight seriously because he has respect for him and will prefer to...
  14. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 797 Spoiler Discussion

    I can see a little teaser happening between Luffy and Ishou but once the crew is on the ship Law will use shambles to get Luffy.
  15. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 796 Discussion / 797 Predictions - Break Next Week

    Nice chapter! I really enjoy the fact that isshou gave the SH time to heal, prepare themselves and how he lied about him not using his power to influence the outcome of the die. What concern me is...
  16. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 795 Discussion / 796 Prediction

    Did I miss something, when the hell Cavendish turned back to Hakuba?
  17. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 795 Discussion / 796 Prediction

    Really cool chapter :hee for some reason Kaidou resembles the look of a samurai to me. I doubt Kaidou is going to waste his time with Kidd & Co He just wouldn't consider them a treat at all, Once he...
  18. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 793 Discussion / 794 Prediction

    I was thinking since Capone seems the mafia type of guy maybe he wants to be the new icon of the underground business, Ceasar can make that possible for him; the only thing that's bothering me how...
  19. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 793 Discussion / 794 Prediction

    when Fujitora stated " That's what he wanted" does it mean he won't step foot in the marines or he is going to go after the alliance?
  20. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 792 Discussion / 793 Prediction

    I cant wait to see Akainu's face once he sees the news about how Fujitora apologized on behalf of the WG because of their corrupted system (Warlord). I really hope Luffy claims Dressrosa as one of...
  21. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 790 Discussion / 791 Predictions

    Cool chapter! it was definitely more than I expected... Now, what i'm wondering is if Luffy was able to come up with Gear 4 as well as Kong punch within the first few months of training with...
  22. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 787 Discussion / 788 Predictions

    Luffy pretty much asked himself what kind of monster is DD after taking all those hits and still be able to be conscious? (After DD was hit with Lion bazooka and shortly after Luffy ran out of...
  23. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 785 Spoiler Discussion

    If this is true then Smoker awakened form would be just useless :-_-
  24. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 783 Discussion / 784 Predictions-Break next week.

    I would take a guess and say gear 4 would just multiply his strenght and speed. Luffy is going to beat DD so bad that cp0 is going to try and budge in when luffy runs out of stamina but thats when...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 779 Discussion / 780 Predictions. Break next week.

    If the Law situation gets out of hand dont you think the princess would be able to heal him? And i agree with some of you i think Luffy is going to show us a new technique in order to save Law; i was...
  26. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 768 Discussion / 769 Prediction

    Ya man u right about who will Luffy handle? Reason why i say it bcz Law deserves to have his revenge without thr help of Luffy, i mean this chapter showed me that Law can put up a good fight against...
  27. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 768 Discussion / 769 Prediction

    I just dont understand why Oda wasted 1 page to reintroduce the officers and their position when he has previously shown us multiple times. I really enjoy Law fighting strategy against DD; he is just...
  28. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 767 Discussion / 768 Prediction

    s slightly...

    Well we got to see Kidd and Apoo put their problems aside to work together with Hawkins and bring down Big Mama, with that said Drake can be the third wheel to bring down Kaidou. Law...
  29. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 767 Discussion / 768 Prediction

    Wow is crazy how the fact that Drake ended being rescued by the marines actualy helped Law escape. I wouldnt be surprised if Drake and Law ended up working together to bring down Kaidou and DD...
  30. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 765 Discussion / 766 Prediction

    Awesome chapter! I really dont mind waiting till new years for the fight to resume. Corazon is a hell of a character, he reminds me of Jiraiya my fav Naruto character hehe. Well im hoping Law finds...
  31. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 764 Discussion / 765 Prediction

    Rosi stated that not even the people close to Vergo knew the full details of his mission.
  32. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 763 Discussion / 764 Prediction

    Sorry man but i still respect Corazon way more than DD. DD is just an ungrateful spoiled brat who led his past affect him so hard that he killed his father and brother. Corazon is stronger than DD...
  33. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 762 Discussion / 763 Prediction

    I agree with you. Law has the ope ope ability he can just perform surgery on himself to remove any harm that can put him in danger.
  34. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 762 Discussion / 763 Prediction

    Wow amazing flashback! I feel bad for Law that guy has been thru hell n back. It really makes me curious what corazon did for him that gave law a change of heart but im lretty sure we akl know it has...
  35. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 761 Discussion/ 762 Prediction

    It seems to me like corazon tried to prevent all childrens to get involved with doflamingo which is the reason why he was probably so mean to those kids. I wonder if the reason why doflamingo killed...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 758 Discussion/ 759 Prediction

    Pretty good chaptet! It seems Ussop loyalty and passion towards luffy led him to unlocking his haki. I really cant wait to see him develop it and use his creativity to use it in diffferent ways.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    Lmao is that fat lady suppost to be Jokers Harley Quinn? And whats up with Franky is he on drugs or something? He really has bad taste in ladies "Heartbreaker" lol what a retard. Overall the chapter...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 754 Discussion/ 755 Prediction

    I know is a bit of topic but damn I can't wait to see the Wano country arc! It seems all of their swords have different powers. I don't think that Kanjuro possesses a DF, the reason I say this is...
  39. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 749 Discussion/ 750 Prediction - Next Chapter on June 18

    Do you guys think corazon was the original user of the ope ope fruit? What if the reason why Law saved luffy back then was because he had the same connection with corazon that luffy n ace had?
  40. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 749 Discussion/ 750 Prediction - Next Chapter on June 18

    I'm with you dude, it is very frustrating but there's nothing we can do but be patient. Let's all be happy one piece isn't like berserk where a chapter comes out like every 3 months. My biggest worry...
  41. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 749 Discussion/ 750 Prediction - Next Chapter on June 18

    Chapter comes out next week.
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 748 Discussion/ 749 Prediction

    Good chapter! I found it hillarious that Dagama head is swollen lol probably because he was interested on the bounty n the king put him on his place, I found funny how both terrorists were trying to...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 747 Discussion/ 748 Prediction

    Luffy is a clown lol he never fails to make me laugh. Pica is bound to make a mistake just like the other 2 executives I think that's when ishushui will have enough of DD and will decide to bring him...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 746 Discussion/ 747 Prediction

    How can a buster call be possible if the birdcage is making it impossible for anyone to reach outside of Dressrosa? I wonder what burgess is going to do? I hope Zoro has some kind of technique to...
  45. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 746 Spoiler Discussion

    That definitely woke up Ussop haha, u guys think franky went down to the factory? I need to get a Zoro den den mushi it looks badass x_x. I'm a bit sad about Kyros, I keep hoping nothing happens to...
  46. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 745 Spoiler Discussion

    Donflamingo devil fruit is really overpower. Now that DD used his clone to initiate birdcage is it possible for him to make multiple ones? I noticed Zoro is on the rooftop, will he be able to cut...
  47. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 744 Discussion / 745 Prediction BREAK NEXT WEEK

    Great chapter! Definitely one of my top 10. I can't wait to see the flashback on Law and DD past, law knows too muy about DD... He probably tried breakin the alliance because DD probably still offer...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 743 Discussion / 744 Prediction

    Woahh what a chapter! I bet Kyros could of whooped DD and his subordinates ass back then if it wasn't for sugar. I do agree with most of u here I believe DD can reattach his head with the strings, I ...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 742 Discussion/ 743 Predictions

    Woah really enjoyed the flashback, it seems the only fighter who actually landed a hit on Kyros is no one but king Riku himself!(very clever) Poor kyros he has a really fuked up past( his best friend...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 742 Spoiler Discussion

    Isn't it too early for spoilers? If I'm correct is been more than a month since it's been stated that it will come out close to 1 hour before chapter comes out
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