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  1. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 521 Discussion / 522 Predictions

    I came to the conclusion that either Kensei killed Tanaka's wife or he feels that he can't face her until he avenges her father.
  2. [Shounen] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    Glad the side fights are over now time for the main event
  3. [Shounen] Re: HSDK 518 Discussion/519 Predictions

    Seems that there was a page missing from the mangareader translation

    Edit: turns out I overlooked the page I was talking about when I first read it lol
  4. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions

    Good chapter excited to see what Minato has for Naruto. I think the Sasuke and Naruto fight will be a test of strength
  5. Re: HSDK Chapter 554 discussion/ 516 predictions

    Can you edit the title of the thread?

    Anyways this chapter felt to short and I feel that Tanaka will appear shortly.
  6. Re: HSDK Chapter 514 discussion/ 515 predictions

    If Rimi died that would be a interesting development no doubt
  7. Re: HSDK Chapter 513 discussion/514 predictions

    At bold read these pages again
  8. Re: HSDK Chapter 513 discussion/514 predictions

    I assumed because of how Kenichi reacted to Boris hurting Miu that one time but don't remember anyone outright stating he was natural at it
  9. Re: HSDK Chapter 513 discussion/514 predictions

    I knew Miu might consider killing Rimi glad to see I was right
    Also learning that Kenichi can use either type of ki was pretty cool
  10. Re: HSDK Chapter 512 discussion/513 predictions

    I hope Ogata fails to teach Rimi that technique because if he does succeed I think Miu will accidentally kill her. I hope next chapter Kenichi and Berserker actually do resume their fight.
  11. Re: HSDK Chapter 511 Discussion / 512 Predictions

    Kenichi is my boy he used ryuusi seikuken and made Berserker run into a pole

    anyways I'm convinced Miu will be Kenichi's final fight in the manga and the chapter when he surpasses her
  12. Re: HSDK Chapter 510 Discussion / 511 Predictions

    lol thought I was the only one that noticed
  13. Re: HSDK Chapter 510 Discussion / 511 Predictions

    So this chapter is proving that Kushinada is not of the killing fist which is why she can't kill Ukita.

    Miu and Rimi (I hate her) needs to end effective immediately, its boring and taking to long...
  14. Re: HSDK Chapter 509 Discussion / 510 Predictions

    Can't wait for Kenichi to release his ki so the masters can go more in-dept about it

    OT good way to end this fight
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 620 Discussion / 621 Predictions

    That was a boss ass chapter right there further proving that Hashirama is god of shinobi
  16. Re: HSDK Chapter 504 Discussion/Chapter 505 Predictions

    Lol Ukita got slammed and I knew it was only a matter of time before Miu released here ki.
    Also I find it annoying when they switch scenes to each fight in one chap...
  17. Re: HSDK Chapter 503 Discussion / 504 Predictions

    Can't wait to see Miu spaz out on Rimi simply because I dont like that Rimi says her own name when talking about herself she's so annoying
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