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    [Feedback] Re: New(ish) Layout, let us know what you think

    I don't care about the size, but I think the new buttons and the dropdown manga list are excellent changes, great work!! I really like this new layout ^^
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    [Seinen] Re: 20th Century Boys [New chapter 01.30.2007]

    OMG, thanks! I didn't know 21st CB's RAWs were being posted in this post :P

    The 3rd chapter is awesome again, very good :D
    Waiting for the english scanlations ^^
  3. [Seinen] Re: [Bakafish]Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations (latest ch009)

    Oh, yeah, the second volume starts!

    Thanks for all, Bakafish!!
  4. [Seinen] Re: Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations & Discussion (latest ch007)

    Oh yeah, the 7th chapter is here!!! Thanks Bakafish :D
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    Sticky: [Typesetting] Re: Looking for Manga Fonts!! Please help!!

    You can try with A.C.M.E., it's free too and it's very similar to the Wild Words and it has more characters.
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